Lions Clubs International District 105SW

The 105SW District covers Cornwall, Devon and part of Somerset.

The District Governor for 105SW 2013 – 2014 is Lion Marianne Warren.

Download the DG’s 2013 – 2014 Strategy. (PDF)
Email contact: 105SW District Governor.

42nd Charter Anniversary Dinner of Cheddar Lions

Pictured with District Governor Marianne Warren 105SW are Lion President Janet Clark and Past District Governor Lion Brenda Wood, LCIF Officer for 105SW.


Cheddar Vale Lions Club cracked this on the head at their 42nd Charter Anniversary Dinner at the Webbington Hotel near Cheddar Lion President Janet Clark rendered District Governor Marianne Warren speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often, by presenting her with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. District Governor Marianne eventually managed to speak saying “I can’t thank you all enough for the tremendous honour you have afforded me by way of the Melvin Jones Fellowship. It means so much to me to know that you were happy enough with my endeavours around the District to do this for me”.

District 10SSW Somerset Flood Relief Appeal

MD Disaster Fund Appeal Latest News

Update 26th March 2014

Water levels have fallen dramatically over the last two weeks and all roads on the Somerset Levels are now open and all special transport arrangements have now ceased. Overall command of the response has been passed from the police to Somerset County Council as the support has moved from emergency/response to the recovery level.

The high capacity temporary pumps from Holland are currently being demobilised and will be removed by the end of March. Dredging is on target to start at the end of March as long as water levels continue to drop and the banks and adjacent land are dry enough.

Households and businesses are re-claiming their homes and premises and the clear up is well underway. Many homes have been under water for up to eight weeks so the operation to move back in for many will be at least six months as it is not merely a matter of drying out homes but complete renovation.

Our District Appeal now stands at over £40,000 including two grants totalling £11,000 from the Multiple District. The support from clubs in 105SW, 105W and other Districts has been fantastic and the Flood Committee is very conscious of its responsibility to utilise these funds wisely.

At a recent Flood Committee meeting it was agreed that £12,600 be donated to the Somerset Community Foundation (SCF) to cover 19 specific grant applications from flooded households. These emergency grants were to cover items such as food, clothing, fuel, transport and accommodation. In the near future there will be a further batch of emergency grants for the committee to consider and agree further donations to SCF to cover these applications.

In addition a quantity of de-humidifiers has been purchased and further de-humidifiers and fan heaters will be purchased. These items of equipment are principally being loaned to those households that are uninsured.

There is both a need and opportunity to offer practical help in the clean up. To volunteer contact Somerset County Council on 0845 345 9166 as they are co-ordinating volunteer help.

The Flood Relief Committee is DG Marianne Warren, District Treasurer Graham Marshall, District LCIF Officer Brenda Wood, District Alert/Emergency Officer Peter Hill and David Atkins.

For further information please contact Lion David Atkins H 01458 443055, M 077885 900682, E-mail

including Application for Grant from District 105sw from the MD105 Disaster Fund :- MD Disaster Fund Appeal.

2014 Spring Forum.

The schedule for Spring Forum is taking shape.
There is one major change to the workshop programme, ‘New Club Development’ is replaced by ‘Retention’ as we believe this subject is key to our growth.

The others remain the same; Zone Chairman, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Please encourage all incoming officers, new or recycled to attend. There will be 3 new facilitators this year with updated presentations, so something fresh for everyone. Because we have a full programme the start time has changed to 10.00.

Succession planning is essential to ensure the District’s future which is why we have included an ‘Information Section’ on the roles and responsibilities of District Officers, hosted by the welcoming, wise and wonderful Lion Brenda Wood! This is an opportunity for members to learn about the administration of the district and become involved in the process. Cabinet is not a closed shop and fresh views and new ideas are imperative to support our service, leadership and development initiatives. No new leaders, no new ideas, no development!

We have been unsuccessful in securing our chosen guest speaker so the afternoon session will now include presentations on Mentoring and Orientation and an update on My Ideal Club.

The day will end with the return of ‘Any Questions’ chaired by the awesome, amusing and amazing Lion David Atkins! So start thinking about some questions for the panel.

One last point, Spring Forum is not just for incoming officers, all members and partners are welcome to join in, learn more about Lions Clubs International and enjoy the fellowship.

  • Date: Sunday 18 May 2014
    • Venue: The Octagon, Okehampton College EX20 1PW
    • Registration: 9.00 to 10.00
    • Forum Start: 10.00. Please note new start time.

2013–2014 President’s Theme: Follow Your Dream.

Join International President Barry Palmer and Lions everywhere in fulfilling the dream of stronger clubs, stronger communities and stronger Lions.

Follow Your Dream

“More now than ever there are people in need, and those people need Lions. There is no time like the present to set your sights on a dream and inspire Lions of your district to achieve a new high standard, to set a new benchmark.”

Download the ‘Follow Your Dream’ brochure


The Lions are one of the largest service organisations in the World.

As members of Lions Clubs we volunteer our time and skills to serve not just the communities we live in but by joining together in our districts.

we serve nationally through our Multi District 105 and Internationally through the Lions Club International Foundation.

Becoming a Lion.

If you are interested in in joining Lions International and would like to find out more about Lions Clubs in the South West, a list of member clubs throughout the south west can be found by following the Lions Clubs link on the top menu bar. This link will tell you where your nearest Lions Club is and how to contact them.

Or you can Email :–

New Events Calendar for the District 105SW web site.

This new calendar will allow Lions to post their Clubs events into the calendar for all fellow Lions and visitors to the web site to see.

One event for every 105SW Lions Clubs has been added to demonstrate how the calendar will look. The Events start from 1st March 2013.

You will be able to post any event as long as it is Lions related e.g.

Monthly meetings on the date and listing the time and venue.
Fund raising events
Social events
Charter Dinners
Zone Business Meetings
District meetings

If it involves your Lions Club, put it on the Calendar and tell all the other Clubs in 105SW when, where and what it is your Club is doing.
How to use the Events Calendar.